FACT: U.S. workers who participate in their company's philanthropy are 50 percent more likely to stay at the company. (

Funding The Future

Whether your company, employer or office building currently has an existing cell phone recycling program in effect, or is considering implementing one, can help. Raise funds for workplace giving simply by recycling your company’s used cell phones, laptops and ink jet cartridges. Help our youth while helping the environment – It’s never been easier!

Put Your Office Waste To Work

  1. Designate any Independent School District (ISD), individual school or charity (either locally or nationally).
  2. Simply collect office e-waste (used cellular phones, laptops, PDAs & ink jet printer cartridges).
  3. Send them off to using our FREE pre-paid shipping labels and within 30 days you’ll receive a check!
  4. Present the ISD, individual school or charity of your choosing with the recycling proceeds on behalf of your company & its employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility makes it easy for companies to fulfill two equally important corporate social responsibilities simultaneously, i.e. corporate philanthropy and environmental stewardship. Our simple, no-cost program affords your organization the ability to positively enhance its "triple bottom line” – that is, your company's financial, social, and environmental performance.

In addition to providing much needed funding for education & charitable causes without incurring any expenses traditionally associated with workplace giving, companies are beginning to realize what researchers have been saying all along – corporate social responsibility is good for a company’s bottom line. Tangible ‘business-case’ benefits include:

  1. Enhanced employee morale & pride.
  2. Improved employee retention.
  3. A cleaner & safer office environment.
  4. Positive community relations & media exposure.

A socially engaged and better-educated population demands that the companies with which they do business -- as consumers, employees, or investors -- conform to higher standards. can help you achieve this.

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Report on Environmental Sustainability & Terminating Ongoing Resource Excavation

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