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Recycling Fundraiser is the only program that pays for EVERY item - up to $350 per item - regardless of whether or not the item(s) work and regardless of whether or not the item(s) are on our price list. That is, you earn cash for every qualifying consumer electronics item and gold, silver or platinum jewelry item you collect including broken items and models not on our price list.

Prices on our Price List reflect working items only. Damaged items will be credited at a reduced rate. Please see below for details.

Working Phones

Working phones are phones that include their original battery, power up, possess an undamaged LCD screen, make a test call and are not cracked or otherwise damaged.

Non-working Phones

Non-working phone models that appear on the list will be credited 20% of the corresponding working phone price. Working and non-working phones not included on our price list will be credited at competitive prices.

Working Ink Cartridges

Working ink jet cartridges are ink jet cartridges that have the print head, tabs and case in tact, have not been refilled (or punctured) and are not reconditioned or otherwise damaged. EcoPhones does not pay for damaged, reconditioned or refilled cartridges.

A Note About Toner

EcoPhones ONLY accepts small ink jet cartridges. We DO NOT accept toner. If the cartridge is larger than the palm of your hand it is not an ink jet cartridge. Toner is costly to ship, and can easily leak and contaminate an entire shipment. If you have toner to recycle, please do so locally.

Working iPods

Working iPods are devices that power up and all of the following are undamaged: data/charge port, microprocessor, memory, digital signal processor (DSP), display and/or touchscreen, playback controls, audio port and amplifier (if applicable).

Non-Working iPods

Non-Working iPods or those with excessive cosmetic damage will be credited at a reduced rate, i.e. 20% of the working price. Please note that EcoPhones only accepts Apple iPods. We do not accept other brands of MP3 players at this time.

Gold, Silver and Platinum Jewelry

EcoPhones currently accepts and pays for gold, silver and platinum jewelry of all types. Jewelry does not need to be undamaged for payment as all payments are based purely on the metal type, purity and weight. Please note: We do not accept costume jewelry including watches, plastic or beaded jewelry, etc. and we will not return ship any items regardless of the situation.

Other Electronics

EcoPhones only accepts the categories of items listed on the published price list. Working items will be credited at the full-working price. Non-working items or items with excessive cosmetic damage will be credited at 20% of the working price. Note: We do not pay for damaged ink cartridges. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept any electronics that are not included in the categories on our price list. If you have other types of electronics to recycle, please do so locally.

Shipping Charges

EcoPhones will pay all shipping charges provided you (the sender) use the return shipping labels provided via our website and care is taken to keep shipping costs within reason. The return shipping service is to be ground only. EcoPhones will not cover the costs of premium shipping services. Note: To ensure prompt and accurate processing of your shipment(s) please clearly identify your organization's name, contact name, address and phone number iether on the pre-paid shipping label(s) or on a note inserted inside your box(es). EcoPhones does not provide shipping boxes. Reusing office supply boxes is a great way to save money and protect the environment.


While EcoPhones will accept accessories (chargers, cases, etc.) along with shipments of electronics, we do not accept them individually and we will charge back the cost of shipping boxes of accessories ($20) containing primarily accessories. Accessories have no value and are bulky and heavy to transport. In addition, they typically do not contain toxic materials and can typically be disposed of with normal household waste.

Email Communication

EcoPhones will not sell or allow an affiliate or third party to use any of the information provided by program participants for the purpose of solicitation. EcoPhones uses email as the primary means of communication with program participants. It is extremely important that program participants provide valid email addresses and update them when they change if they wish to receive shipment confirmations and other program update information. Please add to your address book to ensure mail delivery.

Payment Terms

Payments will be mailed within 30 days of the date the shipment is inspected by our warehouse staff. To inquire about the status of your shipment, please email with your organization name, date shipped and tracking number.

Commercial Disposal

EcoPhones can only support these programs on the basis that a reasonable portion of donated items can be refurbished and/or reconditioned for reuse. As such, this program is designed for the participation and support of your members and any old or used personal consumer electronics they may have in their possession or may obtain as donations from other individuals. It is not intended as a means by which commercial enterprises or other organizations can dispose of large quantities of consumer electronics that are only suitable for disassembly and reclamation. Should this occur, EcoPhones reserves the right to refuse shipments of such materials and terminate further participation in the program. If you are approached by organizations wishing to dispose of large quantities of such material please refer them to your Recycling Fundraiser representative and we will make arrangements for their material to be disposed of properly.

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