"We've collected over 4,000 phones and we're still going!
We've already raised more than $12,000..."
-Amanda, School in Coppell, TX
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Cell Phones & Electronics Recycling

Cell Phones • Ink Jet Cartridges • iPads & Tablets

Fundraising Highlights

  • Unlimited Fundraising Profit (Price List)
  • Payment for Every Item Guaranteed - Even Broken Items!
  • No Cost...No Obligation
  • Free FedEx Shipping & Marketing Materials

Why EcoPhones?

  • Know Where Your Items Go! R2, ISO and OHSAS Certified Facility
  • No E-Waste Exports. No Landfills. No Prison Labor.
  • In Business For More Than 12 Years - A+ BBB Rating
  • 55,000+ Participating Organizations Nation-Wide
  • Guaranteed On-Time Payment